Sunday, February 25, 2018

2017 Growing Season in Review

There's a general concept in permaculture design (not a principle) that infrastructure is where you put in your effort, and once the plan is set, it should mostly self-perpetuate, requiring very little effort in continual management: just planting a little and harvesting a whole lot.

This was my year to inadvertently test that. Although I am still working on my personal landscaping, I had several events that pulled me away from gardening.

Oh no!

Did it all die?


I saw weaknesses where I need to work on my infrastructure, but I harvested lettuce through much of the spring, picked green onions whenever I wanted (and still do!), picked tomatoes late summer and half-way through December (ending the season in the basement), Still had an abundance of herbs for a local herbalist, still snacked on snap peas, black raspberries, pears, and the occasionally blue berry, still harvested enough herbs to get through the season, still made a dent in our garlic and onion purchases for the year, still got enough pumpkins to impress, still left some forgotten harvests on the land, and still watched most of the perennials grow larger.

This is why I offer the service of designing infrastructure. I have spent 10+ years working with the environment and design focused on edibles. Follow me on Facebook at