Friday, March 17, 2017

Where the problem is, so its the solution. It's a saying I've heard applied to life and to ecosystems. Where stinging nettle likes to grow, so lives the squelchy soothing mud. Where poison oak likes to live, so does mugwort. Where Mosquitoes like to live, so do dragon flies, fish, frogs, toads, newts, and many other predators to the little blood-suckers. Unfortunately, prestine ecosystems where this balance can be observed are hard to find, especially in an urban environment. Therefore, we have clouds of pesky parasites to greet us in spring.

Fortunately, human ingenuity can help save our skin, and without much effort. Many easy to grow, deer-proof plants are also mosquito repellent. The design below is for a living picnic blanket made to make hanging out in a mosquito infested area a pleasant, and fragrant experience. The plants are all listed in various places as mosquito repellent. By sitting or laying on them, you will naturally be covered with their scent. Rocks, polished granite in particular for its fast drying time, is added to lessen the impacts on the plants and keep bums dry.

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